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  Valentin Vartosu

Valentin Vartosu
Born in Slobozia-Cremene, Soroca on September 21st 1962

1981 - graduated from the College of Construction, Chisinau Romania, Department of Architecture

Group Exhibitions in the Republic:
1990 - "Moldavian Plastic Art", the Exhibitional Centre "C.Brancusi", Chisinau
2002 - Stipended Students of the Soros Foundation, the Exhibitional Centre "C.Brancusi", Chisinau
2002 - Sculptures, the National Art Museum of Moldova, Chisinau

Moldova Plastic Artists Exhibitions Abroad:
1986 - Ulan-Bator, Mongolia
1988 - Odessa, the Ukraine
1996 - Sculpture "Ion Zderciuc - Valentin Vartosu", "Vasile Pogor" House, Iasi, Romania
1996, 2000 - Federatia Rusa
2000 - "Plastic Artists from the Republic of Moldova", Bucharest, Romania
2001 - Hanover, Germany

Participations (workshops, creation camps, symposia):
1997-1998 - International Symposium of Small Sculpture in bronze, Chisinau
2000 - Symposium of Sculpture in the Plein Air, Ungheni, the Republic of Moldova
2002 - Symposium of Sculpture in the Pleain Air, Ungheni, the Republic of Moldova
2002 - "Paper-Art" Symposium, the Exhibitional Centre "C.Brancusi", Chisinau

1995 - "Moldova's Art Salons", Special Prize of the Jury
1996 - The Second Prize for M.Eminescu's Monument, Chisinau
1997 - Prize for the Youth given by the Union of Plastic Artists from Moldova
1999 - Prize for the Sculpture given by the Union of Plastic Artists from Moldova
2001 - Laureate of Excellence Grant of Soros Foundation
2002 - "Moisei Gamburd" Prize Winner, Chisinau
2002 - "Moldova's Art Salons ", The Prize of the County Centre of Culture, Cults and Cultural Patrimony, Bacau, Romania

Challenger, /Black Angel/, 1996, bronze, glass, wood, silk cord, 152x26,8x29
Snails' Game, 1996, bronze, tin, magnifying glasses, paint, stone, 32,55x18,55x8
Illuminated Cactus (from the series Cacti at Rest), 2001, bronze, wood, colored pencils, 81,55x63,5x30,5
Hierarchy (III Variant), 1995, bronze, tin, enamel, paint, 28,3x28,5x13
Boleslav Hasdeu (one of those five portraits of the Hashdeu dynasty), 1994, bronze, 37,4x20x21,9
The Chicken from the Egg that will be a Cock, 1993, 37,5x53,3x13,7
Filonov, (formula portrait), 1989, 1997, bronze, tin, glass, enamel, 44,4x22,2x15,2
Eugene Ionesco, 1998, 2000, bronze, wood, enamel, nickel-chromium, 190x38x22,3
The Biblical Putty, (after "The Relative of Iona" by A.Suceveanu), 1993, bronze, iron, enamel, paint, 59,8x113x228,5
A Story about Cacti, 1997, 1998, bronze, tin, iron, net of brass, wood, glass, wire of brass, enamel, stone, leather, nickel-chromium, wire of cooper, porcelain, water, silk thread, alive cactus, 186,5x117,5x74

Critical Review
Valentin Vartosu is the most original phenomenon, the most complex and full to capacity by the aspirations of the Bessarabian sculpture.

Vasile Malanetchi

Contact details:
Telephone: (373 2) 76-14-93

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