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  Alexandra Picunov

Alexandra Picunov
20 iulie 1928, Chisinau - 2002, Chisinau

1952 - graduated from the Republican School of Fine Arts "I.Repin", Chisinau


Personal Exhibitions in the Republic:
1985 - Sculpture, Chisinau

Personal Exhibitions Abroad:
1996 - Sculpture, Bucharest, Romania

Group Exhibitions in the Republic:
1970-1989 - takes part in the Republican Exhibitions organized by the Union of the Plastic Artists from Moldova

Moldova Plastic Artists Exhibitions Abroad:
1970 - Plastic Artists from MSSR, Moscow, Russian Federation
1987 - "The Moldavian Art", Sofia, Bulgaria
1988 - "The Moldavian Art", Ulan-Bator, Mongolia

The Portrait of the Paintress E.Romanescu, 1985, aluminium, 35x34x30
Self-portrait, 1985, chamotte, 60x42x42
The Intelligent People, 1983, chamotte, 89x42x26
The Spring of Life, 1983, chamotte, 47x25x12
The Portrait of Painter M.Grecu, 1976, chamotte, 52x40x34
Crops, 1991, chamotte, 51x28x14
Portrait of the Actress C.G.Tartau, 1985, chamotte, 65x54x55

Critical Review:
A. Picunov said everything through a certain philosophical code of her imagination which is requested to be deciphered by the spectator.

Constanta Tartau

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