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  Tudor Cataraga

Tudor Cataraga
Born in Seliste, Nisporeni on August 4th, 1956

1989 - graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Personal Exhibitions Abroad:
1998 - Sculpture, "The House of Latin America", Bucharest, Romania
2000 - Sculpture, "Vasile Pogor" House, Iasi, Romania
2003 - Researches. Sculpture. Painting. Graphic arts, the Exhibitional Centre "C.Brancusi", Chisinau

Group Exhibitions in the Republic:
1990-2002 - "Moldova's Art Salons", The Exhibitional Centre "C.Brancusi", Chisinau
2002 - Sculpture, The Exhibitional Centre "C.Brancusi", Chisinau
2002 - Sculpture, The National Art Museum of Moldova, Chisinau

Moldova Plastic Artists Exhibitions Abroad:
1987, 1988, 1989 - Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
1996 - Painting, Dusseldorf, Germany
1997 - Painting, Budapest, Hungary
1999 - Sculpture, Strasbourg, France

Exhibition - Experiment:
1986 - The Youth Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Participations (workshops, creation camps, symposia):
1992 - Workshop, Sculpture, Alba-Iulia, Romania
1994 - Workshop, Sculpture "Nine masters", The International Centre of Culture and Art "George Apostu", Bacau, Romania
1998 - Symposium of Small Sculpture in Bronze, Chisinau
2000 - Symposium of Sculpture, Ungheni, Republic of Moldova
2001 - International Symposium of Sculpture, Chiagchiun, China

1998 - The Prize of the Union of Plastic Artists from Romania

2000 - The Medal "Mihai Eminescu", Romania
2001 - The Order "Steaua Romaniei" (The Star of Romania) the rank of Commander Romania

Archaeology, 1990, bronze, stone, 61x29x21
Levitation, 1995, bronze, wood
Tree, 1997, bronze
Thematic Sculpture "Maternity", 1997, bronze, granite, 58x35x17
Personage, 1998, bronze, granite 46,5x36,3x19,7
Truncated Tree, 1999, bronze
Hyperion, 1999, bronze, granite, 60,5x28x15,5
Bird, 1999, bronz, marble, 92x36x13
Sign, bronze
G. Bacovia, 2002, plaster

Critical Review:
…T.Cataraga is a complex artist. We see him working in the way those from 1900 worked, sometimes, being almost a surrealist, an abstractionist, in the way of those from the 60-70 years till now. He also paints, in his sculpture one sees a continuous oscillation among archetypal old forms and forms more or less modern…

Academician Constantin Ciopraga

Contact details:
Telephone: (373 2) 72-39-88
Telephone: (373 2) 23-48-58

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