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  Galina Dubrovin

Galina Dubrovin
05.01.1938 - 1997, Chisinau

1961 - graduated from the State Institute of Decorative Arts, Textile Faculty, Lvov, the Ukraine

Group Exhibitions in the Republic:
1978 - "Women - Plastic Artists from Moldova", Chisinau

Moldova Plastic Artists Exhibitions Abroad:
1991 - Sculpture, Moscow, Russian Federation
1993 - "Plastic Contemporary Art", Bucharest, Romania

The Girl from Beshalma, 1967, concrete, 51x20x39
The Portrait of Painter Odainic, 1982, plaster, 75,5x39x37
The Portrait of Poetess B.Ahmadulina, 1987, bronze, 80x30x40
The Idyll, 1994, bronze, 16,5x18x11
Thematic Sculpture "Blues", 1993, bronze, 64x17x23
Torso, 1995, bronze, 53x13x13
Thematic Sculpture "In Mask", bronze, 67x41x50

Critical Review:
G.Dubrovin's sculptural subjects embody her entire spiritual world created during the process of labour and sufferings, at leisure, from joys and sorrows.

Mathew Levenzon

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