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  Lazar Dubinovschi

Lazar Dubinovschi
01.05.1910, Falesti - 29.11.1982, Chisinau

1925-1930 - The Academy of Fine Arts, Bucharest

Personal Exhibitions:
1939 - Sculpture, Iasi, Romania
1970 - Sculpture, Falesti, Moldova
2000 - "L.Dubinovschi at 90", The National Art Museum of Moldova, Chisinau

Personal Exhibitions Abroad:
1971 - Sculpture, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Group Exhibitions in the Republic:
Beginning with 1944 he participates in the group exhibitions from Chisinau and other diverse localities of the republic organized by the Ministry of Culture, by the Union of Plastic Artists

Moldova Plastic Artists Exhibitions Abroad:
1947 - Moscow, Russian Federation
1957 - Moscow, Russian Federation
1962 - "Moldavian Art", Bucharest, Cluj, Romania
1968 - "The Plastic Artists from Moldova", Ulan-Bator, Mongolia
1974 - Warsaw, Poland
1975 - "The Plastic Arts from Moldova", Tomsk, Russian Federation
1976 - "The Plastic Arts from Moldova", Plovdiv, Bulgaria
1977 - Erevan, Armenia
1977 - Budapest, Hungary
1978 - Leipzig, Germany
1987 - "The Moldavian Art", Sofia, Bulgaria

Participations (workshops, creation camps, symposia):
1959 - Sculpture Workshop, Bucharest, Romania

1971 - Laureate of the State Prize of the MSSR

1948 - The Order "Drapelul Rosu al Muncii" (The Red Banner of Labour)
1954 - Member of the Academy of Fine Arts from the USSR
1960 - The Order of "Lenin"
1961 - The Honorary Member of the Union of Artists from Romania
1963 - The People's Plastic Artist of the MSSR
1980 - The Order "Revolutia din Octombrie" (The October Revolution)

Stramba Lemne, 1945, aluminium, 40x26x12
Florica, 1955, bronze, 49x33x33
The Portrait of the Writer A.Lupan, 1955, bronze, 30x24x24
The Portrait of the Writer P.Vershigora, 1957, bronze, 42x23x27
The Portrait of a Romanian Peasant, 1960, bronze, 80x37x31
The Portrait of the Paintress L.Tonceva, 1977, bronze, 53x29x22
The Portrait of the Plastic Artist I.Bogdesco, 1979, 49x30x30
The Portrait of the Musician O.Daina, metal, 44x37x24
The Thematic Sculpure "Requiem", 1978-1982, copper, 140x53x65
The Portrait of Architect G. Solominov, 1978, bronze, 45x25x30

Critical Review:
The gallery of Portraits created by Lazar Dubinovshi is vast and varied The sculptor knows how to select the material, to subordinate it to the form, to treat discriminately the texture and the colour of the modelled surfaces. The general conception of his works, their plastic "system" descend from the interior rhythm of the characters of those portrayed.

E. Barascov

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