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  Vladimir Melnic

Vladimir Melnic
Born in Chisinau, in 1957

1981 - The Polygraphic Institute "I.Fiodorov", Lvov, the Ukraine

Personal Exhibitions Abroad:
1996 - "Artis" Gallery, Odessa, the Ukraine

Group Exhibitions in the Republic:
1981-1999 - participates at diverse thematic exhibitions organized by the Union of Plastic Artists from Moldova

International Exhibitions:
1990 - Easel Graphics, Kaliningrad, Russian Federation

Participations (workshops, creation camps, symposia):
1987 - Creation Camp, Moscow, Russian Federation
1988 - Creation Camp, Moscow, Russian Federation
1995-1996 - Creation Camp, Tulcea, Romania

Goat, 11x14.5 (oval), 1991, mezzo, cloth, needle
Wild-Boar, 11.6x15.9, mezzo, cloth, needle
Wall, 43.7x34.7, 1987, etching, cloth, needle
Events, 34.7x23.9, 1997, etching, cloth, needle
Islands, 49.5x59.5, 1998, etching, cloth, needle
Spring, 49.6x59.5, 1987, etching, cloth, needle, crayons
Old Chisinau, 55.6x41.3, 1987
Stranger, 61.9x49.7, 1996
Night Landscape, 48.2x67.8, 1996
Penetration, 1995, 52x61,5
Sunset on the Channel, 49.8x61.8, 1996
Imp, 46.9x62, 1996

Critical Review:
His works are characterized by chamber, lyric and, mostly, by bright individual sound, keeping away from concrete landscape motif.

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