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  Elena Karacentev

Elena Karacentev
Born in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation on November 2nd, 1960

1977 - graduated from the Lyceum of Plastic Arts "B.Ioganson", Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
1985 - graduated from the Academy of Arts "I.Repin", Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Personal Exhibitions in the Republic:
1998 - "Recent works", the National Art Museum of Moldova, Chisinau
2001 - "Gestures, Lights", Chisinau

Group Exhibitions in the Republic:
1990 - Autumn and Spring Salons of the Union of Plastic Artists from Moldova
1992-2002 - "Moldova Art Salons", Chisinau
1993-1996 - "Our Romanian Language", Chisinau
1996 - "The Object as a Portrait of Reality", Chisinau
2002 - Sculpture, Chisinau

Moldova Plastic Artists Exhibitions Abroad:
1999 - Moldova's Days in Germany, Frankfurt-on-Maine, Germany

International Exhibitions:
1992-2001 - "Moldova Art Salons", Bacau, Romania
1996 - Triennial of Engraving, Varna, Bulgaria
1997 - "Messages from Tristan Tzara. Reflections in RE ", The Exhibitional Centre "C.Brancusi", Chisinau
1997 - Triennial of Graphics, Biltola, Macedonia
1997 - "Jose Hernandez in Memoriam", Argentina
1998 - Mini-Print Biennial, Tokyo, Japan
1998 - Competition "Minigravados-98". Barcelona, Spain
1999 - Competition Mini-Graphics, Cluj, Romania
1999 - Competition of Ex-Libris, "Baltic Roads'89", Vilnius, Lithuania
2000 - The First Biennial of Miniengraving "Lilla Europa", Hallsberg, Sweden
2001 - Ex-Libris Competition, Sjauljai, Lithuania
2002 - "-2002" (Central House of Arts-2002), Moscow, Russian Federation

Participations (workshops, creation camps, symposia):
1990 - Summer Creation Camp, Iasi, Romania
1995 - Creation Camp Tescani, Bacau, Romania
1996 - Creation Camp "S.Holosi", Baia Mare, Romania
1998 - Creation Camp "Hartiata-98", Dobrici, Bulgaria
1998 - Workshop "Mini-Litho", Chisinau
1999 - Summer Creation Camp, Vaja, Hungary
2001 - Summer Creation Camp "Valea Uzului" (The Uz Valley), Bacau, Romania
2002 - Workshop "The Condition of the Artist in the Society", Chisinau

1999 - The Prize of the Union of Plastic Artists from Romania at the "Moldova Art Salons ", Bacau
2001 - The Prize of the Union of Plastic Arts for Excellency (Graphics)

Beginning, 1998, woodcut, mixed technique, 16x13
Danaia, 1998, woodcut, mixed technique, 13x16
Leda, 1988, woodcut, 16.5x13
Series "Watch Towers" / Cup, 1994, lithograph, 33x24
Series "Watch Towers" / Tower, 1997, lithograph, 33x24
Series "Paradise" / Boat, 1997, high print, mixed technique, 65x60
Series "Paradise" / Adam and Eva, 1997, high print, mixed technique, 65x60
Series "Paradise" / Heaven Chariot, 1997, high print, mixed technique, 65x60
Composition, 1998, high print, mixed technique, 56x43
Ravishment of Europe, 1997, mixed technique, 40x65

Critical Review:
Elena Karacntev and Simion Zamsa
They offer again and again true "performances" of virtuosity and a thematic inexhaustive gamma. Graphics in the artist's acception is a continuous advantage of experiments, maximum liberty of eloquence of expression. They are behaving like a sportive photoreporter always ready to catch the most unexpected "foreshortenings" of the motif which is to be framed, immortalized We face a continuous laboratory manifested with overflowing appetite for large surface worked out in crayoned nuances, filtered for long.

Leon Gherasim

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