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  Stepan Tuhari

Stepan Tuhari
10.01.1928, Hrusca, Camenca - 06.03.1977, Chisinau

1951 - Graduate of the Republican School of Fine Arts "I.Repin", Chisinau
1959 - Graduate of the Institute of Plastic Arts, Kiev, the Ukraine

Group Exhibitions in the Republic:
1962-1975 - participates at the Exhibitions organized by the Union of Plastic Artists from Moldova

Moldova Plastic Artists Exhibitions Abroad:
1961 - Moldavian Plastic Art, Moscow, Russian Federation
1962 - Moldavian Plastic Art, Kiev, the Ukraine
1963 - Moldavian Plastic Art, Tallinn, Estonia
1965 - Moldavian Plastic Art, Moscow, Russian Federation
1975 - Moldavian Plastic Art, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Participations (workshops, creation camps, symposia):
1960 - Falesti, Republic of Moldova
1962 - Krasnoiarsk, Russian Federation

1961 - Laureate of the Second Prize (second place) at the Republican Competition "Our Contemporary" for the work "After a Week's Work", Chisinau

Fair Market of Pots in Moldova, 1957, paper, woodcut in colours, 37.5x55.5
Wood Cutters, 1958, paper, woodcut, 35.4x47.5

From the series "During the Festival Days", 1959, paper, woodcut in colours:
On the Red Square, 40,8x50,2
On the Territory of the Kremlin, 41x49,9

From the series "People - the Asset of Moldova", 1961, paper, woodcut in colours:
The shepherd Gheorghe Onufrei, 49,8x40,7
The Old Man Agachi Gheorghe, 50,6x40,7
The Tractor Driver K. Jmurikov, 50,5x41

From the series "The Rhythms of Our Life", 1962, paper, autolithograph in colours:
Crane Operators, 61x51,6
Shift. Constructors, 51,8x67,5

Countryside Landscape, 1965, woodcut in colours, 45x31.5

Critical Review:
Tuhari's lyrical heroes are working people. The series of coloured woodcuts "People - the Asset of Moldova" having been exposed in 1962 at the Republican Art Exhibition "Seven Years Plan in Action" is a typical example. The series won the spectator by the bright decorations, by the integrity, harmony, but mainly by the mightiness, by the sound the artist by a free, so to say, careless line transforms the siluette images into something similar to the cheap popular print - this naive symbolical-poetical legend about the country worker.

D. Goltsov

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