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  Leonid Beleaev

Leonid Beleaev
1921, Troite-Likov, Moscow - 1974, Chisinau

1947-1953 - The Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture "I.Repin", Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Personal Exhibitions in the Republic:
1996 - "Leonid Beleaev's Creation", the National Art Museum of Moldova, Chisinau

Group Exhibitions in the Republic:
1964-1974 - participates at the majority of exhibitions organized in different places of the Republic by the Union of Plastic Artists from Moldova

Moldova Plastic Artists Exhibitions Abroad:
1957 - Book Graphics, Moscow, Russian Federation
1962 - Engraving, Kiev, the Ukraine
1971 - Moldova Plastic Art, Moscow, Russian Federation

Participations (workshops, creation camps, symposia):
1962 - Creation Camp of Alexandreni, Balti, Moldova
1971 - Creation Camp, Dnestrovsk, Moldova

1961 - The Third Prize (the third place) at the Republican Competition "Our Contemporary" for the work "Portrait of a Metal-Worker"
1963 - Laureate of the Republican Competition of Books for the illustration of Grigore Vieru's book "Faguras"(A small Honeycomb)

1967 - Bronze at the Exhibition of the National Economy of the USSR for the book "The Country of Falcons" by V.Kocetkov

From the series "Moldova's Building Sites", 1964, paper, wood, cut
Tower Construction. Moldavian Electric Powerstation, 17,8x23,8
On the Bridge, Moldavian Electric Powerstation, 15,2x22,4
Football, 1971, paper, wood cut, 23.5x27

From the series : "Industrial Landscapes"
At Dnestrovsk, 1972, paper, wood cut, 13.5x22.6

Illustrations of "Lyrics" by A. Pushkin, paper, wood cut
On the Sea Shore, 7,7x6,5
Winter, 6,9x6
Wrapper (of the book), 7,9x6,3
Autumn, 7,4x6,1

Illustrations for the Tale "The Sleeping Beauty And Those Seven Brave Men" by A.Pushkin, 1968, paper, wood cut, 7.6x5.8

Critical Review:
The best of his compositions, industrial and lyric scopes, his illustrations bear the stamp of a proper (individual) style and of an artistic professional perfection.

I. Bogdesco

Wood cut is the favorite technique of the well-known Moldavian graphic artist L.G.Beleaev. Easel engravings performed by the graphic artist are very interesting because of the manner of performing and the idea itself. The climax of L.G.Beleaev's creation are his small illustrations to A. Puskin's lyrics. The refinement of drawing, musical organizing rhythms, interior even temper of his compositions transmit the beauty of Russian nature glorified by the great poet


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