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The Virtual Gallery of the Contemporary Art from the Republic of Moldova
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  Virgil Tecuci

Virgil Tecuci
Born in Cahul on April 21st, 1961

1983 - 1988, The Academy of Arts, Tallinn, Estonia

Personal Exhibitions in the Republic:
1985 - Chisinau

Personal Exhibitions Abroad:
1977 - Bucharest, Romania

Group Exhibitions in the Republic:
1985 - Chisinau
1988 - 2001 "Autumn Salon", Chisinau; "Spring Salon", Chisinau; "Moldova Art Salons", Chisinau

Moldova Plastic Artists Exhibitions Abroad:
1988 - Moscow, Russian Federation
1990 - "Culture without Frontiers", Iasi, Romania
1991 - "Bessarabia Art", "Amfora" Gallery, Constanta, Romania

International Exhibitions:
1998, 2000, 2002 - The International Caricature Biennial, Zagreb, Croatia
2001-2002 - Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey

Participations (workshops, creation camps, symposia):
1990 - Dorohoi, Romania

Hymn to the Pensil, 1988, glass
Black-White, 1992, glass
The Game with the Spiral, 1999, glass
The blue Forest, 1995, glass
It is Spring, Again Spring, 1995, glass
Germination, 1999, glass
The charm of the Egyptian Nights, 1995, glass
Hymn to the Pensil (fragment), 1988, glass

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Telephone: (373 2) 48-25-53

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