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  Irina Filip

Irina Filip
Born in Chisinau on April 9th, 1972

1983-1990 - The Republican Lyceum of Fine Arts "I.Vieru", Chisinau
1990-1996 - The Academy of Music, Theatre and Plastic Arts, Chisinau


Personal Exhibitions in the Republic:
1993 - "The Creation of the Students of the Plastic Arts Faculty of the Moldova University of Arts, Chisinau
1993 - 2000 - "Autumn Salon", Chisinau
1995 - "Young Plastic Artists", Chisinau

Moldova Plastic Artists Exhibitions Abroad:
1999 - "Image and Symbol", Strasbourg, France

International Exhibitions:
1997 - The International Ceramics Triennial, Zagreb, Croatia
1998 - "Dialogue-98", Chisinau

Participations (workshops, creation camps, symposia):
1998 - The International Symposium "The Methods of Teaching the Artistic Ceramics in the Institutions of Higher Learning", Tallinn, Estonia

1999 - The "Virtuous" prize, for originality in creation, Chisinau
2000 - Laureate Excellence Grant Moldova Soros Foundation
2000 - The Prize for the Youth given by the Union of Moldova Plastic Artists

The Queen 1, 1995, porcelain, coloured pastes, 460x190x180
Queen 2, 1996, porcelain, coloured pastes, 5100x310x260
Queen 3, 1999, porcelain, coloured pastes, 590x280x180
Queen 4, 1999, porcelain, coloured pastes, 3750x240x160
Queen 5, 1996, porcelain, coloured pastes, 196x195x140
Towards Autumn-1, 1999, faience, salts, metallic oxydes, 225x160x160
Towards Autumn-2, 1999, faience, salts, metallic oxydes, 325x190x190
Towards Autumn-3, 1999, faience, salts, metallic oxydes, 300x200x170
The Whispers, 2002, ceramics, icing, pigments, 190x175x110
The Vase, 1999, faience, 205x90x90
The Rain, 2001, ceramics, 140x215x155

Critical Review:
Irina Filip overpassed the phase of discovery and capitalization of traditions. She appeals to the sources of the popular art, but from the position of an original concept, the result of plastic culture and the temperament which has forced her to individualize everything that seems of great circulation. The works refer more to the spiritual components of the popular art. Being in contact with the most modern achievements of ceramics, porcelain and faience, she tries to tear away from the poetics of representation, passing to an innovative phase of creation.

Em. Cretu

Contact details:
Telephone: (373 2) 73-76-50
Telephone: (373 2) 72-51-43

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