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  Andrei Negura

Andrei Negura
Born in Echimauti, Orhei on August 16th, 1956

1971-1975 - The Republican School of Fine Arts "I.Repin", Chisinau
1978-1980- The Textile Academy "A.N.Kosighin" from Moscow, Russian Federation
1980-1985 - The Academy of the Decorative Art, Budapest, Hungary

Personal Exhibitionsin the Republic:
1989 - Tapestry, the State Art Museum of MSSR, Chisinau
1995 - The Palace of Republic, Chisinau

Personal Exhibitions Abroad:
1992 - Cluj-Napoca, Romania
1992 - "Galla" Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
1993 - "Avanpost" Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
1994 - "Eduard Sandouz" Gallery, Paris, France
1995 - "Vranken" Gallery, France
1995 - "Pfafenberger" Gallery, Germany
2000 - The Hall "Manfred Werner", The General Headquarters NATO, Bruxelles
2000 - The Transport Miseum, Liege, Belgium
2000 - The Hall of the Cultural Belgian - Romanian Centre, Bruxelles

Group Exhibitions in the Republic:
1980-2000 - "Autumn Salon" and "Spring Salon" organized by the Union of Plastic Artists from the Republic of Moldova
1990-1999 - "Our Romanian Language", Chisinau
1995 - "Lucian Blaga's Centenary", the National Museum of the History of Moldova, Chisinau

Moldova Plastic Artists Exhibitions Abroad:
1988-1989 - Germany
1990 - "Bessarabian Young Painters'Art", Iasi, Romania
1993 - "Moldova's Plastic Art", Bucharest, Romania
1995 - "Moldova's Plastic Art", Budapest, Hungary
1996 - "Direct Art", Nice, France

International Exhibitions:
1994 - "Privat - Art" (Private Art) Gallery, London, England
1994 - The Tapestry Biennial, Beauvais, France
1997 - Workshop - Gallery "Z", Paris, France
1998 - "Karls-Halle" Gallery, Ansbach, Germany
1998 - Hilton Hotel, Budapest, Hungary
2000 - "Le ultime Frontiere" Gallery, Torino, Italy

At the Handmill from Below, 1986, wool, mixed technique, 190x106
Eternal Motif, 1988, wool, mixed technique, 262x198
Spring, 1989, wool, mixed technique, 133x197
White Spaces, 1989, wool, mixed technique, 195x123
Martisor (March), 1998, wool, mixed technique, 216x192
Genesis, 1986, wool, mixed technique, 162x200
Morning, 1990, wool, mixed technique, 280x200

Critical Reviews:
Besides the fact that Andrei Negura is a free artist in his seekings, he is very productive, fertile and unpredictable in tackling subjects of poetical frontier and selecting means of poetic expressiveness of these states.

Ion Hadarca

Being formed in the exigencies of the decorative art, Andrei Negura explores the limits of the genre in different directions in order to achieve the values of graphicalness.

Constantin Prut

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